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Bac Giang electricity sector strives to reduce breakdowns, improve supply reliability

(BGO) - Implementing the theme for 2023 "Exercising thrift practice and fighting wastefulness", right from the beginning of the year, Bac Giang’s electricity sector has proactively taken measures synchronously to reduce grid failures and ensure efficient and economical grid operation.

The Bac Giang Power Company (PCBACGIANG)’s Tan Yen branch is managing 327.8 km of medium voltage lines, (including 22 kV and 35 kV lines), and 976 km of low voltage lines. The district has two intermediate substations housing four transformers, with total capacity of 26,000 kVA; and 474 distribution substations accommodating 487 transformers, with total capacity 143,200 kVA. The unit is selling electricity to more than 53,000 customers, with over 213.9 million kWh of commercial electricity in 2022.

Bac Giang electricity sector, Bac Giang province, strives to reduce breakdowns, improve supply reliability, reduce grid failures, ensure efficient, economical grid operation

Son Dong electricity workers replace low voltage lines in Nam Son village, Dai Son commune.

In order to ensure uninterrupted and safe electricity supply and meet customer needs, every month, the Tan Yen branch asks workers in charge of each commune and township to check the grid system periodically to promptly detect and fix problems of low voltage lines.

In 2022, there were only seven breakdowns due to equipment damage in the district. As soon as any problem was reported, the unit made a response plan and handled it effectively. Thanks to the good job of ensuring the repair and operation safety, for many years, the Tan Yen branch has been the leading unit in the industry, with no electricity-related accidents.

Together with Tan Yen, in 2022, the Son Dong branch inspected and detected 66 burning and damaged meters of all kinds, saving more than 45,260 kWh worth more than 94.5 million VND (4,019 USD).

PCBACGIANG is currently supplying electricity to more than 641,000 customers. In 2023, it plans to supply more than 5.88 million kWh, a year-on-year increase of more than 54,000 kWh. In the context of high electricity production costs due to a sharp increase in fuel prices, the company has launched and implemented the theme “Exercising thrift practice and fighting wastefulness” for this year, with reducing power grid failures and improving the reliability of power supply as important tasks.

In order to well perform these tasks, PCBACGIANG has synchronously implemented many solutions, such as paying attention to the management and operation of the power grid; inspect, review and promptly handle shortcomings and limitations of the power grid, minimizing the risks of causing grid failures. For shortcomings with high risk of causing problems to the power grid, it has conducted regular repairs. 

For those that are expected to not cause problems immediately, the company has included them into the list of repair and renovation projects. By the end of the first quarter of this year (except for regular repairs), the company has proposed 13 items for major repair and construction investment with a total capital of more than 137.7 billion VND (5.85 million USD), a reduction of about 40% compared to 2022.

Than Duc Thong, head of the company’s Technical Department, said that “in order to practice thrift and fight waste in the management and operation of the power grid, we require member power units to intensify inspections to soon detect items that need to be repaired and maintained to prevent damage that causes power outages.” PCBACGIANG has regularly cooperated with media agencies and the Department of Industry and Trade to guide customers how to use electricity safely, economically and effectively; paid attention to improving service quality and reducing electricity usage time. In 2023, the company strives for an average outage time of 245 minutes per customer per year, 10 minutes less than in 2022.

The reduction of power grid failures and improvement of power supply reliability have not only helped reduce the management, operation and materials costs for breakdowns but also contributed to stable power supply to serve the needs of electricity use in the locality.


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Bac Giang electricity sector, Bac Giang province, strives to reduce breakdowns, improve supply reliability, reduce grid failures, ensure efficient, economical grid operation
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