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Certain banks allowing loans above limit

Some banks have allowed loans as much as six times higher than the set limit, according to a report by the State Audit of Vietnam.

The audit report for 2022, recently sent to the National Assembly, discussed certain shortcomings regarding loans and credits at commercial banks in 2021.

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Stacks of Vietnamese dong at a commercial bank in Hanoi.

Credit growth in 2021 reached 13.61%, with credit poured into real estate rising by 15.4%, stocks 23.85% and corporate bonds 17.65%, the report said.

The economy's outstanding credit ratio to GDP remained high, at 114.3% in 2020 and 113.2% in 2021. It represents potential difficulties regarding the flow of credit into high-risk fields.

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has yet to issue any documents regarding the regulation and control of credit growth targets, both in general and for individual banks. This means that certain banks allow levels of loans above the ceiling as determined by the State Bank.

A limit on credit is a measure used in recent times to manage credit growth inflation. However, the Economic Commission once requested the central bank to scrap this credit limit as it could distort the market and affect businesses' ability to gain access to funds.

Hoang Van Cuong, deputy headmaster of the National Economics University, said on Saturday that as the economy is in a tough spot and businesses need funds, SBV should choose well-functioning banks and consider allowing them higher credit limits.

SBV said it would come up with a roadmap to scrap credit limits, but for now, the measure is necessary to help manage inflation.

Many commercial banks reduce loan interest
(BGO) – To remove economic difficulties and support enterprise and people to recover business and production activities, since mid April 2023, many branches of commercial banks in Bac Giang province have reduced loan interest.
Vietnamese banks continue to cut deposit rates
In recent days, many commercial banks in Vietnam have continued to cut deposit interest rates for the second time since early April. Deposit and lending rates are forecast to continue going down in the coming time.
Central bank starts huge credit package for social housing projects
Developers of social housing projects buyers of this kind of houses are entitled to benefit from a credit package worth 120 trillion VND (5.1 billion USD) which was started by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) earlier this month.
Japanese banks to provide 300 million USD for Vietnam's renewable energy
Four Japanese banks - the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Mizuho Bank, Joyo Bank, and Shiga Bank - will co-finance a total of 300 million USD in credit lines to power producers using renewable energy in Vietnam to help the growing Southeast Asian country decarbonize, according to the Nikkei Asia.
Capital mobilization from commercial banks up over 4.7 trillion VND
(BGO) – In the first quarter of this year, the commercial banks in Bac Giang province mobilized total capital of 90 trillion VND (3.8 billion USD) from the organizations, businesses and individuals, up over 4.7 trillion VND against the figure in December 31, 2022, reported the Bac Giang branch of the State Bank.

Source: VnExpress

Certain banks, loans above limit, State Audit of Vietnam, certain shortcomings, commercial banks, Credit growth, GDP, higher credit limits
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