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Entrepreneur Hoang Huu Thang: Dream, go and reach

(BGO) - From a boy born into a poor family in Dong Phu commune, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, with a strong will to rise up, Hoang Huu Thang, 40, has become CEO of Vietnam Industrial and Technical Group (Intech Group). Recently, he was one of 10 entrepreneurs for the community honored at the program "Proud of Vietnam 2023".

After 21 years of leaving his hometown to start a business, Thang is always grateful to his family and the poor countryside for motivating him to overcome difficulties. Being the eldest child in a poor family with three children, at the age of 10, the boy knew how to do many farm jobs. When he was a little older, he replaced his father to plow at night.

Entrepreneur Hoang Huu Thang, dream, go and come, Bac Giang province, Vietnam Industrial and Technical Group, entrepreneurs for the community, Proud of Vietnam

Entrepreneur Hoang Huu Thang.

When his friends were still carefree, Thang always wondered with a question: Is life going to be miserable like this?

In 2002, the 18-year-old young man left his hometown for the first time to Hanoi with a desire to change his life. He studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Hanoi University of Industry. He studied hard and found a great passion for mechanical engineering.

In 2011, through social networks, he knew that the automation and precision engineering industry was developing very strongly in the world while in Vietnam it was still quite new.

Recognizing this potential and opportunity, Thang decided to establish Intech Group, which specializes in designing technology application solutions and producing rollers and automatic conveyor belts.

Thanks to online offering, the company received the first orders from domestic partners to design rollers. To gradually build up the reputation, he directly met with customers to introduce products.

After many years of persistently pursuing the goal, the ecosystem of Intech Group has been formed and gradually affirmed its position domestically and internationally in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation, solar energy, and technology solutions. The enterprise has many key products such as conveyor rollers, tapered rollers, industrial rollers, conveyors, carton packing machines, and pallet wrapping machines. In addition, it provides automation solutions such as automated warehouse solutions; automatic packing and unloading robots; sewing machine assembly lines; and automatic bottling lines.

In the last three years, Intech Group has formed a multi-industry ecosystem in the fields of mechanics, automation, energy and technology, affirming its position in the domestic and international markets with five member companies and two factories in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, creating jobs for nearly 400 employees with an average income from 10-12 million VND (426-511 USD) per month. The firm boasts hundreds of domestic and foreign partners.

Entrepreneur Hoang Huu Thang, dream, go and come, Bac Giang province, Vietnam Industrial and Technical Group, entrepreneurs for the community, Proud of Vietnam

CEO of Intel Group Hoang Huu Thang awards scholarships to excellent students at Dong Phu Secondary School (Luc Nam).

Thanks to building the brand with prestige and quality, the company’s roller and conveyor products have reached out to the world and conquered countries such as Japan, the Republic of Korea and Mexico.

The Intech brand has been voted by consumers among the top 10 most prestigious brands in Asia, and the No. 1 brand in the precision mechanics industry. Sharing his future plan, Thang said that the firm will continue to engage deeply in the global supply chain with a view to bringing the Vietnamese brand to the world.

Over the years, he has set aside a personal fund to help disadvantaged people in his hometown.

The story of Hoang Huu Thang rising up from hardships, starting a business from nothing, gradually building and developing a Vietnamese business brand in domestic and foreign markets has become a source of inspiration for many youngsters.


Hai Van - Khoi Nguyen
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Entrepreneur Hoang Huu Thang, dream, go and come, Bac Giang province, Vietnam Industrial and Technical Group, entrepreneurs for the community, Proud of Vietnam
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