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Bac Giang strives to fulfill highest targets

(BAC GIANG)- The provincial People’s Committee (PPC) of Bac Giang province held a monthly meeting in August hosted by PPC Chairman Le Anh Duong.

The socio-economic situation of the province in August and the first 8 months has seen positive signs. Particularly, industrial production gained good results with month-on-month increase. Agricultural production met schedule with smooth consumption of farm produce. Trade and service sector, import and export gained good growth. Investment attraction and business development achieved high results.

Bac Giang province, fulfill highest targets, socio-economic situation, positive signs, good growth, Investment attraction, business development

At the event.

However, industrial production remained unequal growth among different industries while some sectors such as garment and automobile accessories and small and medium enterprises in electronic sector faced numerous difficulties.

In his conclusion, PPC Chairman Le Anh Duong said the province’s socio-economic panorama becomes more prosperous. Particularly, some targets of import and export, investment attraction and business development gained high results. The education and training and socio-cultural sectors were in good performance. Generally, implementation of the basic targets met the schedule.

He stressed, from now to the end of the year is the important time to implement the yearly targets. Thus, it is required to review the implementation progress of the socio-economic development targets in 2023 and work out solutions to reach the highest targets with a focus on supporting and surmounting difficulties facing enterprises in the industrial parks.

Besides, it is necessary to remove obstacles against production and business, untie the bottlenecks in mobilizing, allocating and using resources in the economy and accelerate the progress of cutting and simplifying administrative procedures to improve the business climate and attract investment in the province.

Bac Giang province, fulfill highest targets, socio-economic situation, positive signs, good growth, Investment attraction, business development

PPC Chairman Le Anh Duong concludes the meeting.

The PPC Chairman requested for drastic, synchronous and effective implementation of the tasks and solutions to speed up disbursement of public investment in 2023 while allocating and amending the details of public investment in the 2023 plan to change the unfeasible projects into other projects with better disbursement.

The education sector was urged to well prepare for the new school year, surmount shortage of teachers and guarantee school hygiene. The related units were directed to continue to pay attention to purchasing medicine and medical supplies for hospitals especially the provincial-level hospitals. Besides, it is necessary to better the people’s healthcare, strengthen cultural, art, sport and exhibition activities to meet the peoples’ demand on the National Day occasion (September 2nd).


Truong Son
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Bac Giang province, fulfill highest targets, socio-economic situation, positive signs, good growth, Investment attraction, business development
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