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Bac Giang focuses on sprint stage of new-style rural building

BAC GIANG – To fulfill the target of having nine new-style rural communes, 15 enhanced new-style rural communes, and 11 model new-style rural communes by the end of this year, localities in Bac Giang province are exerting every effort to complete criteria and prepare documents to submit to competent authorities for recognition.

Lao Ho is one of three communes in Yen Dung district selected to be built into an advanced new-style rural area in 2023. Right at the beginning of the year, the communal People's Committee issued decisions and detailed plans to implement this task, while directing Toan Thang village to work hard to achieve the status of model new-style rural area. 

Bac Giang province, focuses on sprint stage, new-style rural building,  complete criteria, beautiful rural space, e-commerce platforms

A woman in Nghia Hung commune draws posters to promote the building of new-style rural areas.

The commune has focused on building and completing all 19 advanced new-style rural area criteria, striving to meet model new-style rural area standards by 2024. Among outstanding results, all roads have been cemented and all four village cultural centers have become spacious, attracting a large number of people to participate in physical training, and cultural and art activities. 

In particular, along the village roads, people have placed flower and ornamental plant pots, painted hundreds of meters of murals and hung posters, creating a bright, green, clean and beautiful rural space.

According to Nguyen Xuan Khanh, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the People's Committee of Lao Ho commune, after achieving new-style rural standards in 2014, Lao Ho commune has gathered its resources and used funding from higher levels, as well as the people's donations to improve the criteria.

The Party Committee, authorities and people in Nghia Hung commune, Lang Giang district are focusing heavily on building model new-style rural areas. In all eight villages of the commune, mass organisations and people are urgently installing sports training equipment systems, painting murals, cleaning up the environment, trimming trees and making flower paths in public areas.

Bui Van Tam, Vice Chairman of the communal People's Committee said to meet the standards of a model new-style rural area with culture as an outstanding field, the commune has just invested more than 300 million VND (12,300 USD) in installing sports equipment in its stadium and cultural house. 

At the same time, it has directed and guided units to establish clubs and organize activities suitable for each target group and age to create something new and attractive, attracting a large number of participants.

The commune chose to develop Khoat village into a smart village with more than 81% of its population granted electronic identification. In the village, the Hung Vuong Multi-sector Agriculture and Development Cooperative’s straw mushroom products are offered for sale on e-commerce platforms, supermarket systems, and collective kitchens.

Nghia Hung has completed 100% of the criteria set for a model new-style rural commune. Currently, the locality is urgently completing some tasks and building documents to submit to the authorities for recognition.

Bac Giang province, focuses on sprint stage, new-style rural building,  complete criteria, beautiful rural space, e-commerce platforms

A newly upgraded road in Lao Ho commune, Yen Dung district.

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the set of 19 national criteria for building new rural areas in the 2021-2025 period basically has a few changes, with some more advanced criteria and targets in terms of rural economic and production development, environmental protection and food safety.

By the end of this year, Bac Giang will have seven district-level units meeting new-style rural standards, fulfilling the target assigned by the Prime Minister; 154 new-style rural communes; 58 advanced new-style rural communes; 12 model new-style rural communes and 350 model villages.

Up to now, Vo Tranh, Truong Giang and Luc Son communes of Luc Nam district have met new-style rural standards; Lam Cot commune of Tan Yen district has satisfied advanced new-style rural criteria; Ninh Son, Tang Tien and Thuong Lan of Viet Yen district and Canh Thuy commune of Yen Dung district have met model new-style rural standards.

Nguyen Huong
Advanced new rural areas in Phuc Hoa commune
BAC GIANG - Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province) is famous for not only early ripening lychees but also a bright spot in the new style rural building movement. It was recognized by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee as an advanced standard commune. This is the result of the continuous efforts from the Party Committee, authority and local people.
Bac Giang focuses on building advanced, model new-style rural areas
The northern province of Bac Giang will focus on removing difficulties and speeding up the building of new-style rural areas in the time ahead, said the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
46 more exemplary new style rural villages recognized in Bac Giang
BAC GIANG – Since early this year, the Bac Giang province’s Coordinating Office for building new-style rural areas has cooperated with relevant departments and sectors to review the implementation progress and instructed localities to compete the target of new style rural area building in 2023.
OCOP-based tourism yields new development spaces for rural areas
The “One Commune-One Product” (OCOP) programme and another on rural tourism in new-style rural area building for 2021-2025 have helped spur economic development in rural areas.
Bac Giang speeds up digital transformation in new-style rural area building
The northern province of Bac Giang has designed a plan to strengthen digital transformation and technology application to support the building of new-style rural areas.
Three more localities in Bac Giang recognized as new style and advanced new style rural communes
(BGO) – The Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee has issued decisions to recognize Thanh Hai commune in Luc Ngan district and Dong Hung commune in Luc Nam district as advanced new style rural commune, Phi Dien commune in Luc Ngan district as new style rural commune in 2022.

Bac Giang province, focuses on sprint stage, new-style rural building, complete criteria, beautiful rural space, e-commerce platforms
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