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Tan Yen actively conducts digital transformation, improve farm produce value

(BGO) – Taking advantages of various signature farm produce, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) has accelerated digital transformation in agriculture field, helping sell product easily with higher economic effectiveness.



Digitalizing area code, bringing farm produce on e-commercial platform

Tan Yen district boasts for many famous agriculture products like Phuc Hoa early ripening lychee, Hop Duc star apple, Danh mountain ginseng and several vegetables. Tapping such advantages and potentials, the district has focused on developing clean farming models, applying information technology in tracing the origin of the products, supporting to build, issue and manage the growing area code (GAC).

Tan Yen district, actively, conducts digital transformation, improve farm produce value, Bac Giang province, signature farm produce, higher economic effectiveness

Pomelo of Ngo Van Dai in Can village, Phuc Hoa commune is sold at e-commercial platform from October 2022.

GAC eases the customer and business in accessing to product information, facilitate the export activity as well as introduce on e-commercial platform.

Thanks to such method, Tan Yen early ripening lychee reaches to foreign markets. In 2022, over 4,200 tonnes of this fruit (accounting for 25 percent of total output) were exported at high price. Moreover, online sale of lychee on social networks and e-commercial platform gained positive results with highest ever sold quantity of 900 tonnes.

In Phuc Hoa commune, the Steering Board for communal digital transformation persuaded farming households and business to actively join e-commercial platform. Apart from collaborating with the district People’s Committee to launch annual trade promotion conference to sell early ripening lychee, the commune also bring the farm produce on e-commercial platforms like Alibaba,,; promote and consume lychee, orange, pomelo on social network such as Facebook, Zalo…

Recently, the communal People’s Committee has collaborated with agencies and competent forces to make debut of e-commercial platform of Phuc Hoa commune at It firstly attracted 25 families which offers many benefits like stall, signature product list, basket among others.

Accelerating communication with timely assistance

Acknowledging the effectiveness of information technology application, the competent agencies, People’s Committee in the communes and towns in the district have accelerated communication and accompanied local farmers to conduct digital transformation in producing and consuming products.

The district authority also supports farming households to scale up the production; upgrade the package appearance; stamp for origin traceability; promote the product on mass media; establish online portal to introduce local product under One Commune One Product programme, which help signature farm produce of Phuc Hoa early ripening lychee, bamboo shoot, Danh mountain gingseng, Hop Duc star apple …present at domestic supermarket and foreign market with belief from customers.

Recently, the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development (Division) has joined hands with the Department of Science and Technology and Viettel Bac Giang to create QR code of origin traceability for Ve mountain cooperative, Tan Yen guava production and consumption cooperative and Phong Nhi honey cooperative.

The Division reviewed the make the list of 12 cooperatives then submitted to the Department of Information and Communication to grant digital certificate to serve e-commercial transaction.

Tran Dinh Long, Director of Tan Yen guava production and consumption cooperative said: “After getting QR code from district authority, we actively use it to clarify information to distributors and customers. When the harvest season comes, the guava will be packed with label and QR Code stamp which ease customers to trace the product origin and quality via smart phone and ipad with internet. Currently, our fruits are widely sold at many localities like Hanoi, Hai Phong and Thai Nguyen”.

According to Ngo Quoc Hung, Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee, Vice Head of the Steering Board for Digital Transformation, the district directed to further review and add growing area code per boundary to ease the monitoring and management; cooperate with the Department of Science and Technology and relevant agencies to continue protecting the geographical indication of Tan Yen lychee.

Besides, the communication task receives due attention with priority taken to promote the core role of community digital transformation group which assist people in digital skill, especially online commercial transaction.

The association of farmer, women and youth union enhance to train and support the member in applying the science and technology into production, digital technology in managing, supervising and preserving product in post-harvest period.


Vi Anh
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Tan Yen district, actively, conducts digital transformation, improve farm produce value, Bac Giang province, signature farm produce, higher economic effectiveness
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