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Son Dong district funds 300 million VND to develop 6-feet chicken breeding model

(BGO)- In order to preserve and develop 6-feet chicken breed, the people’s committee of Son Dong district in northern province of Bac Giang will fund 300 million VND (12,600 USD) this year to support building chicken breeding model in Van Son commune.

Accordingly, the district people’s committee supported Phu Cuong Cooperative in Van Son commune and its 7 members to build a 6-feet chicken breeding model in Na Vang village at the scale of more than 500 cocks and hens, in which each hen weighs from 1.8 kilo and each cock is from 2 kilos.

Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, 300 million VND, 6-feet chicken breeding model, commercial purposes, good smell and taste

Leaders of the provincial Farmers’ Association visit the 6-feet chicken incubation model in Phu Cuong Cooperative.

Besides, the district supported with egg incubators, feed pellet making machine, veterinary medicine, animal feed and provided technical training on supervising, caring and feeding chicken for the model participants.

After nearly 2 years mobilizing and supporting farmers to breed and expand the 6-feet chicken raising model, the commune has over 1,400 chickens including 400 chickens for breeding and the others for commercial purposes.

This chicken breed is sold at twice or three times higher prices than other breeds thanks to its firm flesh, good smell and taste.

In line with the district’s support policy, the provincial People’s Committee will allocate fund to conduct the scientific project and technology to exploit and develop the genetic source of 6-feet chicken in Son Dong district in the period from 2023 to 2025.

Son Quang
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Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, 300 million VND, 6-feet chicken breeding model, commercial purposes, good smell and taste
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