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Bac Giang creates highlight on Luc Ngan tour in orange and pomelo season

BAC GIANG - In the winter weather, orange and pomelo gardens in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) gradually turn yellow, signaling for the ripe fruit season. This is the ideal time for tourists to come to this destination and enjoy the rich cultural space. Seizing opportunities, the localities promote exploiting potential and developing tourism associated with consumption of typical agricultural products.


To realize the goal of "bringing the market to the garden", the "Luc Ngan autumn - winter" tourism program in 2023 has been launched from October 2023 to January 2024 with many attractive activities.

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Visitors at pomelo garden in Thanh Hai commune.

Along with taking care of, maintaining and improving the quality of orange and pomelo products, local gardeners and cooperatives in Luc Ngan district have recently paid attention to beautifying tourism sites and reenforcing rural traffic routes so as to ensure environmental hygiene, security and order to welcome visitors.

Dong Dao Tourism Cooperative in Quy Son commune has more than 20 hectares of garden land and 100 hectares of water surface. This is quite an ideal condition to develop various types of community tourism in combination with ecological tour.

To improve service quality, the cooperative has recently invested in upgrading, purchasing and building more projects and equipment such as: Community house, cafeteria, hall, kayaks, camping tents, check-in area with many types of pets. The orchards and entertainment areas are also carefully pruned and beautified.

These days, along the way to Cong village in Kien Lao commune, we are overwhelmed by orange and pomelo gardens laden with golden fruits. Visiting the 4-hectare orange garden grown organically by Trinh Su Hoa, we can eye many trees with several hundred fruits. His orange has thin skin, fragrant pulp, sweet and refreshing taste.

Hoa said: "Every year, the orange hill welcomes many groups of visitors introduced by the district or travel companies and cooperatives. My family fully prepares tables and chairs, serves free drinks and entrance fee to the garden. Visitors can freely walk, take photos and choose fresh oranges to enjoy or buy as gifts. Currently, a number of travel companies and cooperatives have contacted and surveyed to connect and bring visitors to the garden".

Each year, Luc Ngan district has 4 fruit seasons: V2 oranges and spring jujubes from January to March; lychee flowers and honey in March; ripen lychee from May to July; longan season in August; orange, pomelo, jujube, guava and dragon fruits from September to December.

In 2023, the district has more than 4,000 hectares of oranges and pomelos with expected output of nearly 40,000 tonnes.

To promote product consumption associated with tourism development, the locality has selected 20 beautiful, high-quality garden houses with large areas, facilities and convenient transportation to serve tourists.

Chu Van Trong, Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee said: "This year, the district directed to implement the tourism program "Luc Ngan autumn - winter" featuring some new points, including to develop a video of 2-day 1 night tour with famous personalities in experience, preparing dishes from local products for wide promotion, announcing the district's tourism map, organizing propaganda and promotion to introduce tourism products... The locality expects to welcome about 250,000 tourist arrivals on this occasion".

To improve professionalism and meet tourist needs, the district established tourism service groups to act as contact points and connect with travel companies and tourist groups.

Nguyen Huong
Tran Thi Huyen is dedicated to organic orange product
(BGO) - With her love for the nature, Tran Thi Huyen (born in 1968) left Hanoi capital to settle in Na Vang village, Van Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province to realize her dream to develop organic orange cultivation model. Huyen has made great efforts to transform 15 hectares of hilly land into an organic orange farm bearing high economic efficiency.
First batch of Cao Phong orange shipped to UK
The People’s Committee of Cao Phong district in the northern province of Hoa Binh, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, RYB Joint Stock Company and Cao Phong One Member Ltd, Co., on January 5 held a ceremony to mark the first shipment of seven tonnes of Cao Phong orange to the UK.
Hoa Binh promotes image of Cao Phong oranges
The seventh Cao Phong Orange Festival and Cao Phong District Trade Fair 2022 officially opened in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh on November 25, offering an opportunity to promote the image of Cao Phong oranges and other key agricultural products of the locality.
Early ripening orange and pomelo sold out at high price
(BGO) – It is about one month to come the peak harvest season of Bac Giang citrus fruits. However, owners of several gardens started harvesting early ripening fruits that are sold out at high price.
Tourism cooperatives in Luc Ngan prepare for upcoming orange and pomelo season
(BGO) – To welcome upcoming orange and pomelo season, many tourism cooperatives in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) are urgently completing projects and decorating entertainment facilities to receive visitors.

Bac Giang province, creates highlight, Luc Ngan tour, orange and pomelo season, ripe fruit season, rich cultural space, bringing the market to the garden
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