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Den Vau's new MV attracts rap enthusiasts

Den Vau's new MV, 'Tron Tim' (Hide and Seek), has attracted more than three million views to become one of the most trending videos on YouTube.

Nearly six months after his previous MV, Den Vau introduced a new song on streaming platform YouTube on May 13. By the next morning, "Tron Tim" had become the second most trending video in Vietnam.

Den Vau, new MV, rap enthusiasts, Tron Tim, Hide and Seek, most trending videos

A still from "Tron Tim."

"Den Vau's song is simple and excellent," a netizen commented.

The song compares old love stories with the game of hide-and-seek. Time after time, the male character in the song realized that however much he tried, he cannot earn the heart of the girl he loves.

Den Dau composed the song, performed by himself and rock band MTV after listening to Vietnamese pop songs in the 1990s.

"Once upon a time, we used to be kids, and when we grew up, we had different things to seek: ourselves, someone to love, success, passion," he said, adding he recorded the song in one week, the most prolonged time for a piece he has experienced.

Acoustic renderings remind listeners of nostalgia, with the rapper returning to his signature, gentle lyrics.

"There are times when aging backwards might be nice,

As someone would find me when I hide..."

In the MV, directed by Thanh Dong, Den Vau plays a tree, witnessing the growth of a girl, who later becomes a woman and falls in love.

Den Vau, 32, is one of the most famous artists in Vietnam. He was the most streamed Vietnamese musician in the country in 2019, according to Spotify.

Unlike most others who follow the popular trend of rapping about money, cars and women, Den Vau's songs reflect his journey and experiences in life.

Musician Ho Hoai Anh commented: "The special features of Den Vau are the lyrics and the story of his songs, with which listeners commonly identify."

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Den Vau, new MV, rap enthusiasts, Tron Tim, Hide and Seek, most trending videos
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