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Ancient tools found in archaeological site in Tuyen Quang

Hundreds of ancient stone tools dated around 5,000 years ago have been found in an archaeological excavation in Na Khau hamlet, Phuc Yen commune, Lam Binh district in the northern province of Tuyen Quang.

The excavation is being jointly conducted by the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology and the Tuyen Quang provincial Museum from October 1 – 25.

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Ancient tools found in archaeological site in Tuyen Quang.

According to the types of artifacts and their features, researchers initially assume that the excavation site used to be a shelter for hunter-gatherers 5,000 years ago.

Ly Manh Thang, Deputy Director of Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum, said that the museum will prepare a scientific dossier and submit it to the Provincial People's Committee to seek recognition of the site as a cultural relic of prehistoric people.

The museum will also continue coordinating with the Vietnam Institute of Archeology to carry out further excavations at the site in order to conduct a thorough evaluation of the site’s cultural value.

The discovery of vestiges of prehistoric inhabitants in Tuyen Quang province is of great significance for the archeology of Vietnam. The research results will also make important contributions to the study of Hoa Binh culture in Southeast Asia.

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Ancient tools, archaeological site, Tuyen Quang province, ancient stone tools, 5,000 years ago, archaeological excavation, cultural value
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