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Vietnam introduces first-ever AI-generated virtual singer

Ann, the very first virtual singer created by artificial intelligence (AI) in Vietnam, was introduced to the public on Tuesday.

She was born from AI algorithms combined with many layers of sound effects.

"We had to go through many stages such as selecting the tone for the vocal, digital recreation combining with studio techniques to create the desired effect," said BoBo Dang, founder of BoBo Studio- the creator of Ann. "We also used many natural human sounds such as breathing to make it sound real."

Vietnam, first-ever, AI-generated virtual singer, artificial intelligence, Ann, AI algorithms, sound effects

Ann is the first virtual singer made in Vietnam.

At the introduction event, Ann performed her debut single "Lam Sao Noi Thuong Anh" (How To Say I Love You). The music video for the song was released on Tuesday night on YouTube. The entire MV was made using visual effects.

Music producer Nguyen Phi Vu said they used AI as a filter to mix the vocals together in big data.

According to the studio, Ann debuted as a ballad singer, but in the future, her musical style will be redefined as rock with a baby voice. Ann is also oriented to become an idol, with music as her core value, a professional management company, a long-term career path and developing stage performance skills. In addition to music, Ann can participate in other fields including acting, fashion and commerce.

The creation of virtual singer from AI technology is not strange to countries such as South Korea, Japan, and the United States. According to the studio, the advantage of virtual artists is that they don’t get involved in problems regarding their private life or scandals. They can also perform and go on tour continuously without worrying about health, age and skills.

Last year, two virtual singers, Michau and Damsan, performed at the HCMC International Music Festival through hologram presentation. Their vocals were processed from the recording of an anonymous real singer, then converted into a virtual sound.

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Source: VnExpress

Vietnam, first-ever, AI-generated virtual singer, artificial intelligence, Ann, AI algorithms, sound effects
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