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Preserving the treasures of ethnic minority people

(BGO) - Bac Giang is a mountainous province located in the Northeast region, with a terrain combining mountains, midlands and plains. In addition to the Kinh people, Bac Giang is also home to many ethnic minority communities. The interweaving between ethnic groups is the dominant feature of Bac Giang culture.

In community culture, folk songs of ethnic groups are a rich and diverse cultural heritage treasure with high artistic value. These are the melodies such as Soong hao, Sli and Luon of the Tay and Nung people, and Cnanh coo of the San Chi people, Sinh ca of the Cao Lan people, Soong co of the San Diu people, Son ca of the Hoa people, and Pao dung of the Dao people.

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Preparing costumes for the spring festival of the Dao people in Tay Yen Tu (Son Dong).

Although over the years, the recording, collection and preservation of folk songs of ethnic minorities have been paid attention, but this work needs to to further promoted.

Festivals in the ethnic minority inhabited areas of Bac Giang are quite special. They include An Chau sailing festival (Son Dong), Truong Giang and Tong Lenh festivals (Luc Nam) and Tu Ha festival (Luc Ngan)... These are regional festivals of many ethnic groups living together on a strip of land.

Each ethnic group in Bac Giang has its own national costume. Despite life always changing and many ethnic groups living together, each of them attaches great importance to preserving and inheriting traditions in the traditional ethnic decoration style that has been associated with their beliefs and customs, cultural and social life.

Among the customs, wedding is the performance of common rites according to the custom of a community for a couple to create a new family. The San Chi people in Bac Giang have a custom that a month before the wedding ceremony, each of the uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters of the girl who have their own families prepares a meal to invite the girl as a farewell party before she goes to her husband's house.

For the Dao Thanh Y, on the first morning after the wedding day, during the first meal at the husband's house, a representative of the husband’s family, on behalf of the husband's parents, will introduce each person and his/her position in the clan to the bride and instruct her how to behave with others.

The good custom in the wedding of the San Chi and the Dao Thanh Y is considered the "marriage baggage" of the girls.

For the funeral, one of the outstanding features in the funeral of ethnic minorities in Bac Giang that is still preserved to this day is the existence of groups to help each other when a family in the village suffers grief.

Culture plays a very important role, and is the spiritual foundation and driving force for the development of society. Over thousands of years of history, our people have built up a unique culture that crystallizes the process of creative labor, fighting and surviving against natural disasters and enemies, is imbued with the soul of the nation, and deeply expresses the level and art of dealing with nature and society.

On November 24, 2021, in Hanoi, the National Cultural Conference took place to implement the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress. The preservation and development of the unique cultural values of ethnic minorities in Bac Giang is also one of the basic contents contributing to the implementation of the issues set out by the conference, following the spirit "Culture lights the way for the nation to go", so that culture is really the spiritual foundation of society, the goal and the driving force of national construction and development.


Nguyen Thu Minh
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Preserving the treasures, ethnic minority people, Bac Giang province, ethnic minority communities, community culture, folk songs, rich and diverse cultural heritage
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