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Preserving Soong hao melody

(BGO) – Soong hao folk singing is an indispensable practice in the life of the Nung ethnic minority people in Dai Son commune, Son Dong district (Bac Giang province). For more than 7 years of preservation, Soong hao folk singing club (Club) in Dai Son commune has helped preserve and promote the signature cultural identity in the local area.

The Club chairman Vi Van Phuc said: “In Nung language, soong hao means a couple so it is the love exchange melody between a man and a woman. For years, such beauty expression and conversation have matched several couples. The melodies are simply daily discussion which are sang everywhere like the market, rice field on special occasion to celebrate new year, new house and longevity among others”.

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The members of Soong hao Club in Dai Son commune in a training course.

On new year occasion, people can sing Soong hao from early morning till midnight to reveal the personal feeling.

To preserve the local unique culture, in 2015, Son Dong district People’s Committee established the Club with 46 members of Nung ethnic people aged from 50 to over 80.

Joining the Club in the first day, Duong Thi Len shared she seems to love the life more when signing Soong hao melodies. At free time, some women gather to share family affairs and method of fine performance.

The special feature of Soong hao folk singing is to perform without music which cannot reduce its attraction. The simple images of the hill, field and familiar things seem to draw their homeland. The harmonious coordination between the tone of bass and high voices from the man and woman makes the singing smoother and more attractive.

Previously, the old melodies were sung to reveal the deep emotion and feeling of the young couples as well as exchange of health condition. Nowadays, Nung ethnic people create new version to praise the Party, late President Ho Chi Minh, country and nation.

Regularly, the Club holds exchange events with Soong hao Clubs in other districts of Luc Nam, Luc Ngan or Lang Son province. The happiest moment is on the occasion of Tan Son love market (Luc Ngan district) to be held on every 12th day of lunar January which features singing festival of Tay and Nung ethnic people living in 12 high land communes in the province and other localities of Hoa Binh, Thai Nguyen, Lang Son, Bac Kan…

To preserve the special culture identity of Nung ethnic people over the time, Vice Chairwoman of Dai Son communal People’s Committee Dao Thi Ly said: “The communal People’s Committee continues supporting cost for costume and facilitates the operation of the Club. Besides, we encourage to open class to teach Soong hao singing at schools and organize exchange event between clubs to preserve and promote the ethnic cultural value among young generation”.

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Preserving Soong hao melody, Bac Giang province, folk singing, indispensable practice, Nung ethnic minority people, Soong hao folk singing club
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