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Feng shui meaning of Cat symbol

The Lunar New Year 2023 is the Year of the Cat. It is believed that if feng shui cat figurines are placed appropriately, they will bring about good fortune, prosperity, and good luck to owners.

The Cat is the fourth animal symbol in the 12-year cycle of the Vietnamese zodiac.

Feng shui meaning, Cat symbol, Lunar New Year 2023, good fortune, prosperity, good luck, fourth animal symbol, Vietnamese zodiac

Cat pottery products made by artisans in Hanoi’s Bat Trang pottery village.

People born in the years of the Cat are typically composed, patient, kind-hearted, and esteemed by many others. They are also said to be optimistic and, thus, a source of inspiration for people around them.

Meanwhile, the feng shui cat or fortune cat is a favourite symbol of many people as they believe it can beckon good luck, happiness, optimistic spirit, and good health while warding off bad lucks in the daily life.

Therefore, many choose feng shui cat figurines as gifts or decorations in their homes.

High technology goes deeper into agriculture
(BGO) - The application of high technology to agricultural production in Bac Giang province is increasingly popular, and as a result, the productivity and value of crops, livestock, and aquatic products have increased many times compared to traditional production methods.
Bac Giang well prepares for 2023 Culture – Tourism Week
(BGO) – On December 28, the Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Mai Son cum Head of the Organization Board for the 2023 Culture – Tourism Week chaired the meeting to review the implementation schedule.
Bac Giang commences to build provincial Culture and Exhibition Center
(BGO) – The Bac Giang provincial Management Board of Industrial and Civil Building Investment Project has commenced the construction of provincial Culture and Exhibition Center (Center) in Dinh Ke ward and Dinh Tri commune (Bac Giang city).
Vietnamese culture fair held in Mexico
A Vietnamese cultural fair took place at Lincoln Park in Mexico City on December 3-4 to introduce the history, cultural traditions and many beautiful images and of land and people of Vietnam.
Two Bac Giang students prized at Reading Culture Ambassador Contest
(BGO) – The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism on December 1 held a ceremony at Hanoi Opera House to award Reading Culture Ambassador Contest 2022. Two students in Bac Giang province are prized for their prominent entries.

Source: VNA

Feng shui meaning, Cat symbol, Lunar New Year 2023, good fortune, prosperity, good luck, fourth animal symbol, Vietnamese zodiac
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