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Working together with farmers on Sunday

(BGO)- Without formal dresses, fashionable shoes nor high-heeled shoes, the officials of Phuc Son commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province appeared in the work wear, boots and gloves with shovels to work together with the farmers on a Sunday. 


The officials and local people happily work together in the fields

The Sunday morning of 14 November 2018 was the first time when all public officials of Phuc Son commune went to the field at Tien Son hamlet to help local people dredge the canals. 85 out of 100 households in Tien Son hamlets took part in the cooperative work on that day. After some hours, the 2-kilometre canal were cleared and cleaned up.

Working together with farmers, Sunday, Bac Giang province, public officials, cooperative work,  new-style rural area, working movement

The communal officials of Phuc Son commune, Tan Yen district join hands with the people of Mai Hoang hamlet to dredge canals.

Similarly, on the Sunday 23 December 2018 at Dai Son hamlet, all of 33 officials and 78 local people joined hands to clear up 1.1 kilometer of the stinking canal stuck with nylon bags, bottles and mud. The hamlets of Cam, Mai Hoang and Yen Ly also joined the campaign in the following months.

After 5 months, 151 communal officials and 504 local people took part in dredging 10.5 kilometres of field canals and beautifying 10 kilometres of village roads.

Diem Dang Duc, Chairman of the communal people’s committee who raised the initiative “communal officials work with local people” said, “Phuc Son met the criteria of new-style rural area in 2017. In order to enhance quality of the criteria, I thought the communal officials should do something to reduce burdens of the farmers while reclaiming the socialist republic’s cooperative working movement before”.

Going to the field to understand the living and aspiration of the people

Reducing time sitting at the office to grasp the real situation is essential for modern leadership. According to the Secretary of the communal Party Committee Luong Minh Thanh, the efficiency is not evaluated by the length of dredged canals or the number of cleaned road sections but the importance is to give opportunities for the officials to directly contact with local people.

Working together with farmers, Sunday, Bac Giang province, public officials, cooperative work,  new-style rural area, working movement

Although the movement of officials and party members work with the local has been launched somewhere, Phuc Son is the pioneer in putting it in the Resolution and mobilizing all members to involve in it. This is the new method representing the working style of being close to the people of the communal officials. We will take it as a typical example for the new working method while evaluating it to expand over the district.

Lam Thi Huong Thanh, member of the provincial Standing Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tan Yen district.

H has lived in this commune for 20 years after getting married. When she heard her mother in law wrote a testament to leave part of her family’s land to her sons and daughters as an inheritance, she felt annoyed and intended to bring it to court. As joining the cooperative work with the communal officials, she asked the Secretary of the communal Party Committee about this issue. After being explained by the Secretary and competent official, she found her mother in law not violate the laws.

Another case of K’ family invading the public land, the communal officials reminded him about this issue when working together. After listening to the opinions, K voluntarily returned the invaded land to the government for the village road expansion.

Thanks to these works, the communal officials could draw experiences and grasp the pressing issues of the local people to discuss and give the proper solutions.

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Thu Phong

Working together with farmers, Sunday, Bac Giang province, public officials, cooperative work, new-style rural area, working movement
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