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(BGO) – Acknowledging the shortage of books and literature for the students in the rural areas, many teachers in Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) have asked for free books to give them more chance to widen the knowledge. 

Avoiding knowledge poverty

Working at Mai Trung Secondary School (Hiep Hoa district) for nearly 20 years, teacher Nguyen Tien Thi always concerns about the disadvantages of the local students due to lack of books and literature.

Bac Giang province, school library, book reading, widen the knowledge, meaningful messages, book presenting

The library in Mai Trung Secondary School opens in every weekdays to server the students’ reading demand.

In early 2018, teacher Thi took the occasion of meeting old friends to express his wish to seek the book donation to help students. His idea was warmly welcomed by all of the school teachers. For over two years, Mai Trung Secondary School has contacted to several charity groups in Hanoi to bring nearly 3,000 books to the school.

In late 2019, Hoang Thanh Secondary School targeted to be recognized as the national standard school. Though the facilities were sufficiently invested by the local authority, the library had a few of books that are mostly too old because of irregular supplement.

The teachers in the Administrative Board of the school directly contacted to the organization and agencies to ask for additional books. Now, nearly 1,000 books and literature are stored in the library.

“Donating one book, lighting thousands of dreams”

Mai Trung Secondary School was the first address in Bac Giang province to receive books presented by the Online Young Intellectual Newspaper and It is one of the meaningful social activities under the programme “Donating one book, lighting thousands of dreams” they launched since 2014.

Bac Giang province, school library, book reading, widen the knowledge, meaningful messages, book presenting

When asking for books, we faced to many difficulties because some people considered that the students now spend less time on paper book but telephone, facebook and games. However, we believe that the meaningful lessons from the books will move their souls then supplement knowledge and experiences to every one.

Teacher Nguyen Tien Thi in Mai Trung Secondary School (Hiep Hoa district)

In the northern province of Bac Giang, 5 more libraries in secondary schools have been added books and documents recently. Besides, thanks to the connection of the Division of Education and Training, the Youth Union in Hiep Hoa district, many organizations and individuals have presented thousands of books, notebooks and studying tools to poor students in difficult schools in the district.

At the beneficial schools, the Administrative Boards paid due attention to upgrading the library, buying more bookshelves, tables and fans while the teachers in charge instructed the students to hold extracurricular activities to share the meaningful messages after reading a book.

After joining book presenting ceremonies in Hiep Hoa district, Deputy Head of Politic and Ideology Division (Department of Education and Training) Ngo Van Giap highly appreciated the teachers’activeness.

Bac Giang province, school library, book reading, widen the knowledge, meaningful messages, book presenting

The students are interested in reading books at Mai Trung Secondary School.

To apply the knowledge and information from books and literature to the life, each school should accelerate the communication and mobilize the active participation from the managers, teachers, students and their parents in which teachers play the role of instructors and students directly arrange, control and manage the library.

“When applying the stories in the books into the class lessons and life will help the students deeply understand the good deed, know to prevent the bad things and social evils,” Ngo pressed.

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Bac Giang province, school library, book reading, widen the knowledge, meaningful messages, book presenting
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