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Bac Giang: Quarantined, female worker still does charity work

(BGO) - “I am also a worker living in a boarding house, so I understand that due to the pandemic, workers can't work and have no income. I asked my parents in the hometown to collect agricultural products and transport them to my place, and then distributed them to everyone for free," said female worker Le Thi Thu Huyen, who is being quarantined at My Dien 1 residential area, Nenh township, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province.

Huyen (born in 1997) is a worker of Vinacell Company based in the Van Trung Industrial Park in Viet Yen district. Her family resides in Gia Tien village, Tan Trung commune, Tan Yen district, more than 20 km from her workplace. When the epidemic broke out, Huyen and tens of thousands of workers had to stay at the boarding houses. Unable to come home to visit her 4-year-old daughter, Huyen had to ask her parents in the hometown to take care of her.

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Huyen packs agricultural products sent by her parents into bags enough for two days.

My Dien 1 residential area in Nenh township, where Huyen is staying, has been quarantined since May 11. Nearly 100 workers in 35 boarding rooms here mostly come from other provinces to work in Bac Giang.

In the first days of quarantine, workers were allowed to go out to buy food and vegetables... In the past few days, the supply was limited, it was more difficult to buy these things. In addition, many of them ran out of money. Seeing that situation, Huyen called her parents in the hometown to ask for everyone's support.

Huyen said: “The first trip on May 23 carried a total of more than 600kg of agricultural products and food. My grandfather drove a truck transporting them to the checkpoint. After that, some volunteers in Hong Thai commune (Viet Yen district) continued to transport the products to my boarding house. I took an empty room from the landlord to put them, then mobilized five people in the boarding house to pack them in plastic bags. Each bag includes rice, eggs, vegetables (cucumbers, squash, beans...), peanuts, salted fish and seasoning enough for two days and things for female workers."

Bac Giang province, Quarantined, female worker, charity work, Covid-19 pandemic, boarding house, agricultural products, epidemic broke out

Huyen (wearing protective gear) distributes essential things to workers.

Huyen borrowed two strollers and brought the products to those in need who had already left their addresses in the Zalo group set up by her. 

“I've only done this for two days, giving about 2,000 packages to 2,000 workers. My parents told me to continue to do it, until it is forbidden. At home, my parents will collect essential things for me to support needy workers. I hope to have something like a licence to distribute gifts to more workers in further areas such as Van Trung or Quang Chau communes. In the Zalo group, I see many people in need, but I can't go to their places because the village is quarantined," Huyen said.


Thu Phong
3.2 million USD donated to Bac Giang province for Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – On May 19,  Lieutenant General Duong Dinh Thong, Political Commissar of Military Zone 1 handed over 500 million VND (21,600 USD) to Bac Giang province for local task of Covid-19 prevention and control. Secretary of the provincial Party Committee (PPC) Duong Van Thai and leader of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) received the donation.
Organization and individuals donate nearly 40 billion VND to Bac Giang in Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – Several businesses, localities and agencies on May 17 donated cash and medical supplies to Bac Giang province for Covid-19 prevention and control.
Bac Giang sets up concentrated places to receive materials and supplies donated for Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – On May 20, Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) issued document No.2268/UBND-KTTH about implementing disease preventive measures; facilitating organizations and individuals to support necessities and food to concentrated quarantined areas. 
Gifts and support offered to disadvantaged workers and trade union members
On the occasion of Workers’ Month 2021, President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) Nguyen Dinh Khang recently visited and presented gifts to Nguyen Cao Dong, a worker suffering from a workplace accident in Hanoi’s Dong Anh District.
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A total 270 vulnerable, female-headed families in the northern province of Hai Duong will receive Covid assistance worth over $36,000 under a project funded by New Zealand.
Bac Giang province, Quarantined, female worker, charity work, Covid-19 pandemic, boarding house, agricultural products, epidemic broke out
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