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Teaching new programme actively changes method to meet requirement

(BGO) – For nearly two months, teachers at many schools in Bac Giang province have encountered several difficulties to teach new subjects and educational activities in Grade 6 following 2018 universal education programme (UEP). To remove the obstacles, many of them take time on self researching and renovating to gradually adapt to new management and teaching methods.

Assistance from professional officials

New UEP is applied at Grades 2 and 6 in this academic year. With the experience in teaching Grade 1 in previous year, teachers have been more flexible and active in exploiting and using the information and reference from school book and others to suit the lessons.

Teaching new programme, Bac Giang province, actively changes method, meet requirement, 2018 universal education programme, new management and teaching methods

Teacher Nguyen Nhat Hung, Head master of Thang Cuong Secondary School (Yen Dung district) in a Math lesson at class 6A.

Regarding Grade 6, there are many new subjects and educational activities like Nature Science (integration of Physics, Chemistry and Biology), History, Geography, Local Education and Experiment activities. The method is changed from skill and knowledge centered teaching to orientation for student ability development, hence making teachers confused.

According to Ngo Quoc Duong, Head of the Division of High School and Ethnic Education (Department of Education and Training - DoET), since early this year, the DoET has launched more than ten professional activities with the teachers of the whole sector; assigned officials and executives who were professionally trained and fostered in each subject and activity to share the difficulties at the schools.

Further removing obstacles

To effectively implement the programme, the DoET ordered teachers to self study and renovate the teaching method while the management officials are assigned to be in charge of the classes together with teachers so as to detect and handle difficulties.

In Canh Thuy Secondary School (Yen Dung district), since early this academic year, the Administration Board has directly participated in teaching sixth graders following the new UEP. Particularly, the Head master is in charge of Math, Deputy Head master teaches Literature and some topics of Local Educational Document.

In academic year 2021 – 2022, Bac Giang province has more than 30,300 sixth graders as well as 6,700 managers and teachers in charge of Grade 6 following 2018 universal education programme.

At Dang Thang Secondary School (Hiep Hoa district), Viet Lap Secondary School (Tan Yen district), Ngo Si Lien Secondary School (Bac Giang city), Viet Tien Secondary School (Viet Yen district), the Administrative Board defined it is a key task in this academic year to renovate the teaching method in line with new UEP, thus launching emulative movement among the teachers and managers who actively change to adapt to new educational programme.

In the upcoming time, to further remove the difficulties, the DoET will organzie professional activities at provincial level for each subject and educational activity. The in-person event will be launched in the districts of Lang Giang, Luc Nam, Luc Ngan, Tan Yen and Viet Yen while online session will be held for the whole sector, firstly Grade 6.

All teachers and officials are encouraged to share the creative ideas and effective solution in managing and teaching in line with 2018 UEP.

Bach Dang Khoa, Vice Director of DoET said: “The DoET continues requesting schools to review the plan to ensure to assign specific task to certain person with proper profession and responsibility so as to avoid pressure and overload to the teachers. There are temporary shortage or redundance of teachers in some localities so the DoET urged the schools to actively consult the local authorities to manage the structure so as to ensure effective implementation of the programme; enhance investment to facilities and equipment for information technology application into management and teaching”.

For long term, many teachers wished the DoET and secondary schools to coordinate with universities to provide training courses to improve knowledge and skill to meet the requirements of new programme.


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Teaching new programme, Bac Giang province, actively changes method, meet requirement, 2018 universal education programme, new management and teaching methods
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