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Bac Giang increases vaccine coverage for long-term pandemic response

(BGO) - With a high focus on fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, especially proactively responding to a new strain which is spreading in many countries around the world, Bac Giang province has determined that the top task is to speed up the administration of the second dose of vaccine and the booster shot (the third dose) for its residents.

Starting injection of booster shots

On the morning of December 7, the Department of Health administered the third shots for those who have received full two jabs for 6 months or more at the provincial inter-agency area. Those injected in the first day were the frontline forces involved in the pandemic prevention and control.

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Administering the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine to frontliners in the fight against Covid-19 at the provincial inter-agency area on the morning of December 7.

Here, the provincial Center for Disease Control arranged two injection tables with full equipment, medicines, first aid, shockproof and breathing support devices. The vaccines given are Pfizer and Moderna. At the end of the first injection session, 175 people in the province received booster shots.

In this first booster dose injection drive, the Department of Health prioritizes vaccinating members of the steering committees for Covid-19 prevention and control at all levels, medical staff, and police and army forces, people on duty in quarantine and treatment areas, those engaging in tracing contacts, volunteers and reporters.

This time, the province has more than 19,500 doses of vaccine for the booster shots. On December 8, the districts and city started injecting the third dose and will administer all the vaccines allocated for the first phase on December 9.

By December 7, the province had 99.2 percent of people aged 18 years and older received at least one dose of vaccine and 65.4 percent aged 18 years and older got two shots. More than 97.5 percent of children aged 15 to under 18 years and over 68.6 percent of children aged 12 to under 15 years have received the first jab.

Viet Yen district is the leading locality in the province in terms of vaccination rate. In the district, 99 percent of people aged 18 and over have got at least one injection and 91 percent of those aged 18 and over have received two doses. The number of children from 15 to under 18 who received the first injection reached 98 percent. The rate for the group from 12 to under 15 was 68.3 percent. Bac Giang city also boasts a high rate of vaccine coverage in all targeted age groups.

Accelerating vaccine coverage

Compared to the whole country, Bac Giang is among provinces and cities with a rather high vaccination rate. However, a number of districts still see slow injection of the second dose as set by the province, including Luc Ngan, Lang Giang, Son Dong and Yen Dung. Lang Giang and Son Dong districts also reported a low rate of first dose coverage among those from 12 to under 15.

Bac Giang province, increases vaccine coverage, long-term pandemic response, Covid-19 pandemic, community protection, high focus, booster shots

Frontline forces receive screening tests before getting the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine at the provincial inter-agency area.

Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the Department of Health, said that Bac Giang has a large volume of vaccines, so the districts and city need to speed up the vaccination, especially the administration of the second shots.

To carry out this task, Hiep Hoa district directed its health center to focus efforts on serving mobile vaccination in communes and townships. Three days ago (December 5), Hiep Hoa was still in the group of districts with a low rate of second dose injection (more than 50 percent). On December 6 and 7, the district Health Center focused on administering the second dose to more than 10,000 people. By December 7, the rate of second dose injection in the district reached 71 percent. Hiep Hoa strives to complete the administration of second shots for its residents by December 15.

In December 2021, the province aims to cover the second dose for at least 90 percent of people from all targeted age groups. In order to ensure the safety and health of the injected people, the Department of Health has directed the injection sites to arrange doctors with good expertise in screening to carefully classify cases with underlying diseases, especially congenital heart disease, bronchial asthma and history of allergy to any allergen (food, medicine) before injection so as to take them to medical facilities for inoculation. The injection sites must ensure the human resources, equipment and techniques to practice vaccinations in line with the safety procedures of the Health Ministry.

Minh Thu
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Bac Giang province, increases vaccine coverage, long-term pandemic response, Covid-19 pandemic, community protection, high focus, booster shots
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