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Luc Ngan completes injecting second booster shot against Covid-19 for frontline forces

(BGO) – On August 24 morning, Bac Giang province administered 4,843 more doses of Covid-19 vaccine to all age groups of children aged 5 to under 12 (second jab), children aged 12 to under 18 (third jab) and fourth shot for frontline forces.

The statistic proved that Luc Ngan was the first localities in the province to complete injecting fourth Covid-19 vaccine jab to the frontline forces with 62,944 doses. It was followed by Lang Giang district with 99.9 percent, Son Dong district with 97.6 percent and Yen Dung district with 98 percent.

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Prioritized cases get fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot in Phong Minh commune (Luc Ngan district).

Besides, Yen Dung district completed second jab for qualified children aged from 5 to under 12 with 20,539 doses (100 percent) while Lang Giang district topped the province to administer third shot of Covid-19 vaccine to children aged from 12 to under 18 with 99 percent.

Currently, Covid-19 pandemic has resurged in many countries worldwide with several new variants. The medical supervision system reported 37 Covid-19 patients in Bac Giang province, 11 of whom are under treatment at Infectious Department of provincial General Hospital with such symptoms of headache, dizzy, tiredness and sore throat.

The Department of Health urged Chair persons of the districts and city as well as leader of the Industrial Park Management Board to direct and expedite localities and businesses to enhance collaboration to communicate and persuade people to actively get vaccination while strictly monitoring the disease situation at grassroots level so as to consult suitable disease preventive measures.

Mai Toan
71 percent of IP workers receive second booster of Covid-19 vaccine
(BGO) – To increase the rate of workers in the industrial parks covered with second booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine and ensure stable production, the Industrial Park Medical Center in Bac Giang province (Center) has closely cooperated with businesses to accelerate the vaccination.
Workers get 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots for more chances of continuous protection
(BGO)- Although Covid-19 has been in good control, it poses risk of emerging new variants. Thus, together with other localities, Bac Giang is accelerating administering 4th vaccine shots to priority groups including workers. This is an important solution to secure stable production and maintain the post-pandemic economic growth momentum.
143,100 adults in Bac Giang injected with fourth Covid-19 vaccine shots
(BGO) - Bac Giang on June 13 administered Covid-19 vaccine to nearly 5,400 people, including about 2,300 children aged 5 to under 12 (first and second shot) and nearly 3,100 adults aged over 18 (fourth shot).
Hanoi to administer 4th Covid vaccine jabs this week
The Hanoi health department said Tuesday that more than 230,000 doses of the fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot would be administered this week.
Demand for Covid vaccines falls
Vietnam is seeing a large amount of Covid-19 vaccines left unused as residents don't want to get vaccinated further.
Bac Giang administers fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for adult population
(BGO) - The Department of Health in Bac Giang province administers fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for labours at provincial industrial parks from June 1 - 4, 2022.

Luc Ngan district, injecting second booster shot, Covid-19 vaccine, frontline forces, all age groups, vaccine for children, Covid-19 pandemic
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