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Model village

(BGO) – Better living condition, spacious and clean village are prominent features in model villages of Bac Giang province. The locals are happy with such changes amid the vibrant spring.

Fruit village

Kep No.3 village in Hong Giang commune (Luc Ngan district) has changed dramatically. Every route to the village and lane was concreted and widened. Many modern high buildings arose among vast hill of orange and pomelo trees laden with fruits.

Model village, Bac Giang province, Better living condition, spacious and clean village, vibrant spring, Fruit village, prosperous homeland

The road to An Lap village.

Fleet of trucks follow each other to carry farm produce to market nationwide. Kep No.3 village has advantages of growing citrus tree. All 120 households in the village have gardens and hill to grow orange and pomelo.

Leading the economic movement is Secretary of the local Party Committee Kieu Van Tuyen. The fruit gardens of pomelo and lychee annually bring him hundreds of million VND.

Learning form such exemplarly model, the locals boldly switched the crop structure together with application of science advance into production. They are ready to share the secrete to care for the tree and gain high effectiveness, helping improve the living condition with average income in 2022 of 40 million VND per year per person.

Thanks to the developed economy, the peope can accompany and contribute to realize local movements to construct the hometown. All the rural roads were concreted with sufficient lighting system and spacious cultural houses. The solidarity and joint effort are the key factors to build prosperous homeland.

Flower road, numbered house

The Lunar New Year 2023 was happier and more meaningful to people in An Lap village, Ngoc Ly commune (Tan Yen district) when the village was recognized as model new style rural village.

Model village, Bac Giang province, Better living condition, spacious and clean village, vibrant spring, Fruit village, prosperous homeland

Kieu Van Tuyen cares for the fruit tree.

“The new rural style building programe called on the participation from every person to make flower road, numbered house, reinforced infrastructure and smooth traffic. In the evening, the lighting system brights up the rural roads making the village look like a city. Both material and spiritual life are improved in associated with closer neighbourhood,” shared Head of An Lap village Nguyen Ba Quyen.

Amid many difficulties, though the land is as precious as gold, the locals in An Lap village are ready to donate for the joint benefit. Particularly in 2022, they contributed nearly 1.1 billion VND to repair the rural road and lane, install light system in every route, upgrade the cultural house among others.

The women union, youth union and verteran association joined hands to grow and care for flowers in two sides of the road. The village not only has beautyful landscape but also strongly develops cultural and sport activities.

Quyen said though the village was recognized as model new style rural title but there are many things to implement which are to maintain and enhance the model criteria, especially environment, public and security, income to make people’s life better, more prosperous homeland.


Tuong Vi – Khoi Nguyen
Labor export villages build new countryside
(BGO) - Luc Nam is one of the top localities in Bac Giang province in the number of people working abroad under contracts. Remittances sent home by guest workers have helped many families have a better life, contributing to the building of new-style rural areas together with the Party committees, authorities, and the Fatherland Front committees at all levels.
Villages of billionaires without field
(BGO) – The industrial development quickly changed the life of people in Bac Giang province. The local simple-minded farmers who used to fiercely object the land reclamation and clearance for investment attraction to develop the industry now become millionaire and billionaire.  
Bac Giang continues preserving and developing craft villages
(BGO) – As of 2021, 12 out of 39 craft villages in Bac Giang province have the Recognition certificates of craft village revoked due to many reasons. Now, only few villages are effectively operating. To preserve and promote the craft villages so as to ensure income for people, it is necessary to have Government support in land, capital and market among others.
Promoting brand of Ven village OCOP tourism product
(BGO) - In the first round of OCOP product evaluation and classification in 2022, the Ven village eco-cultural tourism product of Than Truong Cooperative in Yen The district, Bac Giang province was rated three stars, becoming the first community-based tourism product with star rating. This information not only brings joy to cooperative members but also opens up opportunities to increase income for locals.
Vitality in a model resistance village
(BGO)- “Chín năm kháng chiến dẻo dai. Thứ nhất Ảm Trứ, thứ hai Long Trì” (Nine years of resilient resistance war. First is Am Tru, second is Long Tri). Many people now still transmit the sentences about two famous resistance villages of Yen Dung district (Bac Giang province) during the anti-French period. Of which, Am Tru village (also known as Am village) in Tien Phong commune is evaluated as a model village by the province.
Model village, Bac Giang province, Better living condition, spacious and clean village, vibrant spring, Fruit village, prosperous homeland
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