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Doctors of the village

(BGO) - In the extremely difficult commune of Truong Son, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, medical workers at grassroots-level have promoted their role as an arm of the health sector in performing the task of taking care of public health, winning people’s trust.

Sticking to the village

In the late afternoon, Tran Thi Ngat, 63, from Diem Ren village was taken to the communal health station by her family due to abdominal pain. Doctor Nguyen Van Hoan, head of the station, measured blood pressure, checked her heart, lungs and abdomen. He asked the patient about symptoms carefully and then prescribed medicine. He also told her to stay at the station for monitoring.

Doctors of the village, Bac Giang province, extremely difficult commune, medical workers, health sector, taking care of public health

Doctors of Truong Son commune’s health station provide health check for a patient with abdominal pain.

Returning to the on-duty room, yet opening the notebook, the doctor's phone rang. From the other end was a patient in Khe Sau village. The patient then received doctor instructions and advice on how to use medicine.

Truong Son commune is more than 20 km east of the center of Luc Nam district. It is home to more than 7,300 people living in 13 villages from many ethnic minorities such as Dao, Tay, Nung, Cao Lan and San Diu. With the attention of Party committees, authorities at all levels and the health sector, the communal health station was upgraded to meet national standards, creating favorable conditions for public health care. Every year, the station receives more than 4,000 people coming for medical examination and treatment.

Dr. Hoan confided: “In 1995, I went back to the commune to work. Witnessing the hard life of the local people, I decided to stand side by side with my colleagues to make all efforts to become the fulcrum for the people in health care”.

Dr. Hoan is from Dan Hoi commune. This year, he turns 50 with 28 years working in the health sector. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the health station of Truong Son commune, stationing in Vua Ba village, bordering Dong Trieu district of neighbouring Quang Ninh province. During the years of young age, he eagerly went away to experience life but then the good soil produced sweet fruits, he decided to stay in the village, even when he had many opportunities to move work to his homeland or the central areas.

In 1999, he studied a general doctor course at the Military Medical University in Hanoi to improve his professional skills. In 2002, he returned to Truong Son commune to continue his career.

Happy with people’s love

The trust and love of the people has become the motivation for physicians to improve their skills. Nurse Nguyen Thi Trang had previously held an intermediate degree. After study, she had a nursing college degree. Six of 13 village collaborators have been trained, while the rest are following training courses.

Doctors of the village, Bac Giang province, extremely difficult commune, medical workers, health sector, taking care of public health

Doctors of Truong Son commune’s health station provide check-up for wounded soldier Nguyen Dang Ngay at his home.

The health station of Truong Son commune reached the national standard for the first time in 2007 and the second time in 2021.

The station includes rooms for examination injection and patient treatment. On average, the station attracts 300-350 patients for check-up and treatment each month. Wishing for ethnic minority people to have access to health services, for many years, the station has assigned staff members to regularly come to families to deliver periodic health checks for the elderly, wounded and sick soldiers, and those unable to walk.

Once every six months, the station organizes a concentrated health examination drive at the district health center and sends staff to support people in handling procedures. Those with diseases will be included in the list for month management, consultation, care and treatment. That activity is appreciated by the local Party Committee and authorities.

Responding to the trust of the people, the doctors and nurses in Truong Son commune is making more efforts to improve their qualifications and professional skills. They show high responsibility and attachment to villagers, and always seek ways to improve the quality of public health care services.

Mai Toan
National outstanding young doctor Dang Van Hoa creative for public health
(BGO) - With positive contributions to the care and protection of people's health, application of science and technology, and volunteering for public health, Dr. Dang Van Hoa (born in 1982), head of the Quality Management Department under the provincial General Hospital and Chairman of the Bac Giang Young Physicians Association was named one of 10 outstanding young doctors nationwide in 2021.
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Doctors of the village, Bac Giang province, extremely difficult commune, medical workers, health sector, taking care of public health
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