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Bac Giang pays due attention to training human resources for digital transformation

(BGO) – In addition to invest in infrastructure and digital platform, Bac Giang province has paid due attention to developing information technology (IT) human resources to serve the digital transformation. However, this task encounters a lot of difficulties.

According to the Department of Information and Communication, total numbers of cadres, civil servants and public employees in the province with intermediate or higher degrees in IT are 1,478 (accounting for nearly 4 percent, over 593 people with university degree, 292 with college degree and 192 with intermediate degree). 30,900 cadres, civil servants and public employees have informatics certificate while all are accustomed to using computer and internet.

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The students at Information Technology Faculty of Vietnam – Korean Vocational College of Technology in a practicing lesson.

25 departments and organizations under the People’s Committee at province, district and city level arranged staff in charge of IT and digital transformation to meet the professional requirement.

But the province still lacked good IT expert and leading engineer in software, security and digital technology. Most of the cadres, civil servants and public employees in the province knew basic knowledge about IT application so there are limitations in using and exploring information system, especially the shared software.

Besides, Bac Giang province has yet to have specific policy to boost and develop IT human resources, particularly certain mechanism in employing IT staff so it is hard to lure IT expert to work at state owned organizations and training facilities.

Acknowledging the importance and limitations of human resources during digitalization, the provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No.433 – NQ/TU on May 4, 2019 about developing IT in the province in 2019 – 2025 period and Resolution No.111-NQ-TU on June 11, 2021 about digital transformation in Bac Giang province in 2021 – 2025 period with the vision till 2030. Basing on them, the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) made implementation plan and assigned tasks to each department and sector.

In February 2022, the PPC issued decision to establish digital transformation expert team in the province (DTE team) consisting of 20 officials from organizations and agencies who are provided with intensive training to be digital transformation experts and later consult the province about the strategy, plan, investment, technology, human resources and development trend of digital transformation.

Director of the Department of Training and Education Ta Viet Hung said: “The educational sector will build IT official in three levels of core, advanced and popular. Core official will be teachers with IT and informatics degree. The sector will cooperate with the Department of Information and Communication, Department of Home Affairs to edit the document for training; focus on training digitalization human resources at schools”.

Currently, Vietnam – Korean Vocational College of Technology is training 5 high quality careers, including IT (software application).

Vice Director of the Department of Information and Communication Nguyen Gia Phong confirmed that amid numerous difficulties in human resource, Bac Giang gained positive result in digital transformation thanks to the great efforts from the party and authority at all levels.

However, it is crucial to enhance high quality IT human resources to serve higher task requirement. Since 2018, the Department of Information and Communication has organized nearly 200 training courses to foster the capability and skill to apply IP, use information systems and shared software for local cadres, civil servants and public employees.

In the upcoming time, the Department will continue training knowledge to available man power by direct instruction and intensive guidance for each field to serve digital transformation.

Vy Nguyen
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Bac Giang province, pays due attention, training human resources, digital transformation, infrastructure and digital platform, information technology, computer and internet
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