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Bac Giang creates jobs to labour, ensure social security

BAC GIANG – All levels, sectors and localities in Bac Giang province have paid due attention to creating jobs for labours for recent years with positive effects, helping optimize the internal resources for economic development and ensure the social security.

Exceeding set target

With many positive solutions, good implementation of supply – demand forecast and connection, Bac Giang province always exceeds the target of job creation Every year, the provincial People's Committee (PPC) directs the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA) to coordinate with relevant agencies and localities to investigate and grasp the labor recruitment need of local enterprises as well as widely communicate among people, provide information on labor supply to investors and businesses so as to build suitable recruitment plans.

Bac Giang province, creates jobs to labour, ensure social security, internal resources, economic development

Staff at the Bac Giang provincial Employment Service Center introduces job to labours in online session.

Career orientation activities and job placement are also focused. The province licensed the provincial Employment Service Center (under the DoLISA) and 20 enterprises to provide employment services.

Nguyen Van Hue, Director of the provincial Employment Service Center said the Center strengthens the application of information technology in job connection, updates recruitment needs on websites and social networking sites such as Fanpage Bac Giang Job Exchange Platform, "Vieclambacgiang" application... Based on the recruitment needs of each enterprise, the Center builds a linkage model with vocational training institutions, thereby helping companies recruit qualified human resources with minimizing costs and training time.

Additionally, the districts and city in the province have focused on job creation. Every year, Hiep Hoa district has about 5,000 people at working age; over 2,000 graduates looking for jobs. Along with that, the demand for job increases due to the trend of labor shifting from agriculture to industry.

The district Party Committee and People's Committee direct the functional department to coordinate with employment service establishments, vocational education and training institutions, the district Youth Union and enterprises to provide vocational education consultation at high schools so as to survey the needs of vocational training before registering the training profession and ensure the right enrollment for the right subjects with right selected occupations.

All units strengthen propaganda to communes and towns also. As a result, every year, thousands of local workers are employed.

Increasing connection

Bac Giang province targets to create job to more than 161,000 labours in 2021 – 2025 period. Particularly in 2023, the province strives to employ 32,500 labours, including 1,650 guest workers.

Bac Giang province, creates jobs to labour, ensure social security, internal resources, economic development

Workers in Tan Yen district join Culture – Sport Festival.

The PPC directs functional agencies to coordinate with localities and connect with businesses to introduce more jobs for employees while boosting up investment attraction in production development, focusing on small and medium-sized projects which are suitable for each economic sector. The province also attracts a number of industries and occupations with high demand for local labors.

According to DoLISA Director Nguyen Tien Coi, the world economy is forecast to be more prosperous in the upcoming time, helping create more orders for businesses. Therefore, the recruitment demand will increase, creating conditions for employees to have jobs and stable incomes.

Bac Giang will regularly provide labor market information to business owners and employees; strengthen propaganda, orientation and career advice, policies on vocational training and employment after training for laborers in the locality.

DoLISA directed the provincial Employment Service Center to increase the frequency of job transaction sessions under direct, online and mobile forms; sum up the recruitment needs of businesses in the area and invite units to attend job sessions at the Center.

Since early this year, the provincial Employment Service Center has coordinated to organize 51 periodical, mobile, thematic and online job sessions which consulted and helped more than 18,000 labours get employed.

Implementing the provincial direction, the districts with big numbers of people at working age like Hiep Hoa, Yen The, Viet Yen and Luc Nam continue grasping the situation of local businesses, enhance information and connect labour demand – supply in the area.

Vi Le Thanh
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Bac Giang province, creates jobs to labour, ensure social security, internal resources, economic development
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