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Xuan Luong has not only tea

(BGO) – We visited Xuan Luong commune, Yen The district, Bac Giang province because we were excited about Ven village tea of ​​the famous commune that we had never come to.

Xuan Luong is the towering point of Yen The, bordering Dong Hy district (Thai Nguyen province) with a natural area of nearly 2,600 hectares, spanning about 15 kilometers. It is home to 7,000 people from 15 ethnic groups, of whom ethnic minorities account for about 40 percent, mostly Cao Lan.

Xuan Luong commune, Ban Ven green tea, Bac Giang province, community based tourism, thousand-year-old ironwood tree, magical vitality

People in Xuan Luong commune harvest tea.

On the way to Ven village, the tea capital, we were surprised and excited to see the thousand-year-old ironwood tree on the top of Lim Hill in Xuan Lung village. The tree is truly special, not only because it is old but also because it has magical vitality.

In the middle of the Lim Hill peak, an arrogant ironwood tree stands imposingly, with about 30m in height and 7.5m in circumference. There are many stories around the tree, which has been recognized as a heritage.

The commune has mobilized manpower and materials to create a large area of land with stone steps leading to the temple. A lot of tourists visit the place. Several dozens of meters from the foot of the hill is the Tien (Fairy) well. According to local peopled, the well was formed at least 300 years ago. It has clear water all year round, serving locals’ daily use in the past. Soldiers and insurgents also went through this place.

Also in Xuan Lung village, there was a communal house built in the 18th century worshiping the gods Cao Son - Quy Minh. However,the large communal house was not intact due to time and war.

As expected, we went to Ven village – the village of Cao Lan ethnic people and the tea production center of Xuan Luong commune. The commune has five villages specializing in tea growing with a total area of more than 300 hectares, including 30 hectares in Ven village. The tea fields are scattered along the two sides of the road, creating fresh green carpets surrounded by hills, forests and red tile-roof houses.

In fact, Ven and Xuan Luong tea has been existed for a long time but could not compete with Thai Nguyen tea due to small quantity and weak promotion. Since the commune focused on market expansion and advertisement, Xuan Luong tea, with the brand of Ven village tea as a representative, has become one of the specialties of Bac Giang province.

We visited the tea production establishment of Hoang Van Thanh's family, owner of Thanh Mai brand and a member of Than Truong Tea Cooperative. He owns a large tea area in this village - nearly 5,000sq.m. Every year he earns about 300 million VND (12,900 USD) in revenue on average.

Ven village tea is favored by many consumers as it is processed under the traditional method of the Cao Lan people. Therefore, tea water is green, with strong taste, ensuring food safety standards. Sometimes, supply is not enough to meet demand.

With 26 households, Than Truong Cooperative has gained a reputation for its management and Ven village tea brand, contributing greatly to improving the members' living standards.

Ninh Quang Nghiep, Secretary of the communal Party Committee, a Cao Lan ethnic minority, excitedly told us that the commune’s rate of poor households now stands at only 6 percent, as compared with 34 percent five years ago. It reflects the great efforts made by the communal Party Organisation and people. In the coming time, Xuan Luong will increase the tea area to 500ha, boost the farm economy and develop husbandry, especially raising goat and deer.

The time staying in Xuan Luong was too short. There were so many things to ask and many places to go. During the anti-French resistance war, this commune was home to the printing factories of Quyet Thang newspaper and People's Army newspaper, and Hoang Hoa Tham weapon workshop. During the anti-American war, a missile regiment was stationed here to protect the capital city's sky.

Xuan Luong boasts romantic scenery, with charming waterfalls and majestic mountains in the upstream of the Soi River. The place still preserves stream gold. Here there are dynamic and enthusiastic officials as well as rustic, industrious and hospitable people who are trying to make their homeland more beautiful and richer.

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Xuan Luong commune, Ban Ven green tea, Bac Giang province, community based tourism, thousand-year-old ironwood tree, magical vitality
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