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Vietnam set to enjoy rare solar eclipse this Sunday

Vietnamese people are set to join others worldwide in enjoying the 'super rare’ solar eclipse of the decade, which is scheduled to occur this Sunday (June 21).

The ‘super beautiful’ astronomical event is considered a must for 2020 as astronomical lovers must wait 11 years to have the opportunity to admire this amazing phenomenon again.

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A rare annular solar eclipse will occur on June 21 and Vietnam will be able to observe part of the event.

The eclipse is expected to begin in Central Africa, then passing through Saudi Arabia, northern India and parts of southern China, before concluding in the Pacific Ocean. The partial eclipse phase can be observed in most of East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, including in Vietnam.

Unlike the last solar eclipse that was visible in Vietnam last December, this time Vietnamese people in the North will observe a partial eclipse with a maximum coverage rate greater than that observed in the Southern Vietnam. Specifically, the highest coverage rate is expected at 79% in the northernmost province of Ha Giang and the lowest will be at 27% in the southernmost province of Ca Mau.

In Hanoi, the partial eclipse will begin at 13:16, before peaking at 14:55 with a coverage rate of 71% and ending at 16:18. In Da Nang, the partial eclipse will begin at 13:30, reaching its peak at 15:04 with a coverage rate of 56%. In Ho Chi Minh City, it will start at 13:37 before peaking at 15:05 with a coverage rate of only 36%, ending at 16:18.

After this eclipse, Vietnamese people have to wait until 2023 to observe this amazing astronomical phenomenon again. However, the solar eclipse set to occur on April 20, 2023 will be almost negligible in Vietnam, as the sun is only expected to be obscured by up to 5%.

The next two partial solar eclipses in 2027 and 2028 are also not set to be that noticeable because of very low coverage rates, reaching only 15% and 30%, respectively.

It is not until 2031 that Vietnamese people can enjoy an interesting lunar eclipse, when places in Vietnam will be able to observe a coverage rate up to 80%.

Thus, the solar eclipse this Sunday is a great opportunity for Vietnamese people who want to observe this interesting astronomical phenomenon.

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Vietnam, rare solar eclipse, this Sunday, super rare solar eclipse, super beautiful astronomical event, amazing phenomenon
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