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Amazing Son Dong

(BGO) - In a summer morning, we walked together on the green plateau of Dong Cao, watched each herd of horses grazing leisurely, and listened to the sounds of a peaceful life. At noon, we together went down to An Lac to bathe in a cool stream in the Khe Ro primitive forest and enjoy delicious local dishes... Those were what we experienced in our recent trip to discover Son Dong district (Bac Giang province).

Going up to Dong Cao

Leaving Hanoi in the hot afternoon weather, after a distance of 130km, we were present in An Chau township, Son Dong district. We looked for a motel to spend our night preparing for a new journey the next day.

Amazing Son Dong, Bac Giang province, green plateau of Dong Cao, peaceful life, Khe Ro primitive forest,  delicious local dishes

The peaceful scene in Dong Cao (Son Dong).

The roads to Dong Cao are much quieter than before. Our car kept running on the winding roads and through the immense pine forest.

Upwards, the scene appearing before our eyes is extremely attractive. The gentle terraced fields on the side of the mountain are adorned with a few beautiful little houses hidden in kitchen smoke, creating a picture of nature and a simple, beautiful life.

The untouched scenery appears, with dark black rock formations in diverse shapes as if they are scattered by the hand of the creator across the green grass hill. We went to all directions and walked on the soft grass hill. The weather here makes us think of Sa Pa or Moc Chau.

Amazing Son Dong, Bac Giang province, green plateau of Dong Cao, peaceful life, Khe Ro primitive forest,  delicious local dishes

Tourists explore the Khe Ro primary forest.

Dong Cao is now familiar with many people, especially the young. About 160km from Hanoi, not only those in Bac Giang but also many groups of tourists from the northern delta provinces, even the central and southern regions, when they knew about Dong Cao, have come here for a picnic.

Going down to An Lac

Nature endows Son Dong with the beautiful plateau of Dong Cao, plus the magical primary forest of Khe Ro as the most wonderful landscape in the western part of Yen Tu Mountain Range.

According to Trieu Van Duc from the native Tay ethnic group said that before, Khe Ro was extremely wild, with almost no strangers' footsteps. In the years of 2010-2011several groups of Western tourists went here from Yen Tu (Quang Ninh) to explore the scenery and they stayed for several days. From that, the name Khe Ro has gradually won attention on the tourist map.

The nature of Khe Ro is always fresh and cool, with vast primitive forests and waterfall streams flowing day and night. Currently, according to forest rangers, the exploration route is about 5-6 km long from the parking venue.

Amazing Son Dong, Bac Giang province, green plateau of Dong Cao, peaceful life, Khe Ro primitive forest,  delicious local dishes

Preparing food at the Khe Ro Ecotourism Area.

Following the paths deep into the primeval forest, walking and wriggling under the trees for a while, we began to feel tired. Suddenly, we saw a spacious, airy stilt house where several groups of tourists were staying and having lunch. This is a stop for lunch breaks arranged by the forest rangers and authorities.

In the afternoon, we continued our journey to explore the rest of the Khe Ro primeval forest. If you have more time, you can go to the houses of locals in An Lac commune to experience their life. Staying overnight in the homestays of the Tay people is also an interesting experience.

During the trip, we were told by many native people that in Son Dong there are many other very beautiful and interesting attractions such as Ba Tia waterfall, Dong Thong (Tay Yen Tu township), and Khe Chao lake (Long Son commune). These are places that tourists can write in their notebooks to schedule their trips.

After a day going up to Dong Cao plateau and then down to Khe Ro forest, we enjoyed an impressive eco-picnic tour in Bac Giang.

Luc Ngan boasts huge potential for spiritual and ecotourism
(BGO) – Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) has well known for numerous visitors near and far as the “Kingdom of lychee”. Nowadays, this land is covered by various fruits all the year round, not only lychee, but also pomelo, orange, tangerine, persimmon... that help the local farmers earn high income and draw visitors. This land has rich potential for spiritual and ecologial tourism.
Road to Khuon Than tourism site revamped and upgraded
(BGO) – A project has been commenced to revamp and upgrade the provincial road No.289, section of Chu – Khuon Than (Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province).
Son Dong develops community tourism attaching to ethnic culture preservation
(BGO) – Son Dong district (Bac Giang province) houses several ethnic minority groups. Promoting the advantages, the local authority is focusing on various solutions to expand the community tourism model attaching to ethnic culture preservation.
Tourism sector takes urgent measures to ensure visitors’ safety amid Covid-19
Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has asked tourism departments across the country to take prompt measures to ensure tourists’ safety amid the complicated developments of Covid-19.
Bac Giang’s foreign affairs contribute to tourism promotion
(BGO)- In line with the activities to promote Bac Giang tourism, the provincial Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) has boosted external activities through the meetings with foreign delegations, external cultural events and website, thereby contributing to bringing Bac Giang’s image closer to international friends and tourists.

Duong Van Hai

Amazing Son Dong, Bac Giang province, green plateau of Dong Cao, peaceful life, Khe Ro primitive forest, delicious local dishes
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