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Attractive tourism on lychee hub

(BGO) - Luc Ngan lychees are now at peak season. Apart from a destination for lychee trading and consuming activities, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) is also an attracting land for many visitors. The tourism programme “Flavor of Luc Ngan summer” is strongly and professionally promoted to lure more tourists to the lychee hub.

Thanks to favorable natural condition, Luc Ngan district boasts for diverse sweet fruits all four seasons. The district has the biggest lychee growing area in Vietnam with about 16,000 ha, most of which are safely cultivated with geographic indication and trademark protection…Thus, it is really tempting to walk under lychee trees laden with red fruits and taste the clean lychees right at the orchard.

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Visitors on Cam Son lake in Luc Ngan district.

Chief of the district Culture and Information Division Nguyen Thi Nam said since early lychee season, Luc Ngan has seen sharp increase in the number of visitors, especially weekend. Most of them were families and groups of friends from Hanoi and adjacent provinces. All felt satisfied with local tourism services.

To prepare for tourism programme “Flavor of Luc Ngan summer”, the district researched and created specific tours themed “Experiencing culture, exploring nature” from May till July which are suitably designed for one-day tour, two-day tour or integrated tour depending on the visitors’ demand and selection.

Typically with two days in Luc Ngan, visitors can experience various activities of sigh seeing on Cam Son lake; enjoying Then and Tinh musical instrumental performance; fishing; lake kayaking; visiting ancient village Bac Hoa, traditional craft villages, ancient pagoda and Northeast Culture village; harvesting lychee; acting as farmers or discovering primitive nature at Day and Cam springs…

To stimulate tourism and lure visitor, Luc Ngan has thoroughly prepared by providing training courses for tourism service suppliers on highland areas. Now, there are 19 businesses and cooperatives in the district participating in this activity.

Besides, the families with fine lychee gardens and ease traffic which can welcome big delegation were selected by the district to receive visitors after training and facilitating on tourism service.

With enough services of entertainment, food and drink, sigh seeing and experiment tour, unique cultural identities and affordable expense of 300 - 600 VND per person per day, Luc Ngan is now popular attraction for numerous visitors in this summer.

Hopefully, Luc Ngan district will tap more tourism potential and advantage to have four tourism seasons in association with four fruit seasons on the fresh land.


Bao Chau
PPC Chairman of Bac Giang province urges to ensure conditions for export of lychee to the US
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Luc Ngan promotes tourism on lychee season
(BGO) - As schedule, Luc Ngan district People’s Committee (Bac Giang province) plans to organize tourism promotion programme themed “Flavor of Luc Ngan summer” in the middle of June with the participation from 40 travel companies in and outside the province, management officials, reporters of central and local press and media agencies.
Bac Giang exports nearly 4,000 tonnes of early ripening lychees
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Early ripening lychees enjoy smooth consumption and high selling price
(BGO) - The cold weather in last winter made lychees in Bac Giang province ripe haft one month later than previous seasons. There is long period between the harvest season of early and late ripening lychees, which cause positive impact on market and ensure crop spreading factor. When Covid-19 is contained, early ripening lychees now enjoy smooth consumption and high selling price.
Bac Giang lychee firstly promoted at Vietnam Festival in Japan
(BGO) - Thanks to effort of competent organizations, the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee and  businesses, Vietnam fresh lychee including Bac Giang lychee were firstly promoted at Vietnam Festival in Japan.
Attractive tourism, lychee hub, Bac Giang province, Luc Ngan district, Luc Ngan lychee, peak season, Flavor of Luc Ngan summer
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