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A sip of diplomacy: US Secretary of State's egg coffee encounter

Nestled on Hang Bun Street, All Day Coffee, housed in a beautifully restored century-old building, hosted U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday.

During President Biden's visit to Vietnam on September 10-11, Secretary of State Blinken and his diplomatic entourage paid a visit to All Day Coffee.

"The U.S. Secretary of State ordered egg coffee, while others opted for filter coffee," the shop manager said.

A sip of diplomacy, US Secretary of State, egg coffee encounter, All Day Coffee, Antony Blinken, diplomatic entourage, President Biden's visit to Vietnam

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Vietnamese Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son were photographed at All Day Coffee on September 11, 2023.

The manager also disclosed that they received advance notice of the diplomatic delegation's visit, leading them to speculate that their café was chosen due to its inviting ambiance and architectural setting.

All Day Coffee was established in 2018 at 37 Quang Trung Street, and the 55 Hang Bun Street location in Ba Dinh District opened in late 2019, housed in a restored 125-year-old building. The café has a cozy, air-conditioned space with two floors, each around 100 square meters, designed in a classic European style.

All Day Coffee welcomes visitors from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, offering a menu featuring 33 beverages, including a variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, and juices. The star of the show is their egg coffee, which has been crafted to establish and maintain the café's reputation.

They source coffee beans of different varieties roasted in 3-kilogram batches on-site to ensure freshness. After roasting, the coffee is ground into a powder.

The signature egg coffee is made using robusta beans from Lam Dong Province in the Central Highlands, using a Vietnamese filter called "phin" lined with paper coffee filter to remove any residue. The baristas pour the coffee with precision, adjusting the water flow to give it flavors of bitter chocolate, a hint of wine aroma, and a rich aftertaste.

Once brewed, the coffee is poured into egg-shaped ceramic cups with thick walls to preserve its warmth, ensuring it is served hot. Smooth, beaten egg yolks are then gently poured over the coffee to complete the concoction.

At first glance, you're greeted with a layer of velvety foam that nearly overflows from the 200-mm cup. The egg foam has a pleasant sweetness, along with the richness of the yolk. Upon tasting, the initial notes are sour, followed by a hint of bitterness that gradually turns into sweetness, accompanied by a gentle coffee aroma.

When sipping the coffee and egg foam together, the sweetness and richness of the egg balance the slight sourness and bitterness of the coffee, making it an experience for both coffee connoisseurs and newcomers alike. A cup of this exquisite egg coffee is priced at VND69,000 (US$2.80), excluding tax.

Thu Thuy, a 34-year-old visitor from Da Nang, was captivated by the flavors of the egg coffee. "Egg coffee is incredibly aromatic and flavorful, with just the right level of sweetness," she praised.

A sip of diplomacy, US Secretary of State, egg coffee encounter, All Day Coffee, Antony Blinken, diplomatic entourage, President Biden's visit to Vietnam

A cup of egg coffee at All Day Coffee is characterized by a silky-smooth foam on top, adorned with the yellow hue of egg yolk.

The café primarily attracts customers in their 20s and early 30s, including students, professionals, and both local and international tourists. Foreign visitors often express a particular fondness for the egg coffee compared to other beverages offered by the café.

All Day Coffee has ample parking space, conveniently situated at the intersection of Hang Bun Street and Quan Thanh Street, near Hanoi's Old Quarter. The staff are proficient in English and provide enthusiastic service. Guests can place orders directly at their tables and settle the bill upon departure.

In addition to their signature egg coffee, the café offers approximately 25 breakfast, main course, side dish, and pastry options, priced between VND50,000 and VND200,000 ($5 to $8.50). Moreover, the café sells souvenir items like ceramic cups, tote bags, and travel accessories, allowing visitors to take home a piece of their experience.

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A sip of diplomacy, US Secretary of State, egg coffee encounter, All Day Coffee, Antony Blinken, diplomatic entourage, President Biden's visit to Vietnam
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