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8 street foods that define Vietnamese cuisine

14:01 | 17/08/2023

Vietnam's dynamic food culture enchants locals and tourists with an array of street eats, creating a blend of flavors for everyone to savor. TasteAtlas, an online food magazine, has revealed a list of Vietnam's top 8 street foods that is perfect for adventurous travelers exploring the country.

Sugarcane juice with durian: An addition to Vietnamese ‘nuoc mia’

10:34 | 14/08/2023

A recent addition to the famous Vietnamese beverage ‘nuoc mia’ is sugarcane juice with durian.

Three Vietnamese bars among Asia’s 100 best

17:52 | 13/08/2023

Two bars in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Hanoi broke into this year’s Asia 100 best bar list, compiled by industry experts.

Saigon's expat hub restaurant innovates with cassava

17:02 | 12/08/2023

A restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City's expat hub Thao Dien presents an array of cassava dishes, inviting food enthusiasts to experience a blend of tradition and innovation.

Sheraton Saigon unveils 2023 Mooncake Collection

12:23 | 08/08/2023

Sheraton Saigon's Mooncake Collection embodies the aspirations of a dazzling universe, comprising three luxurious boxes featuring authentic mooncakes handcrafted by the hotel’s artisan chefs.

Water spinach salad: A popular option in summer

14:02 | 07/08/2023

Water spinach, known as “rau muong” in Vietnamese, is a leafy vegetable with long, hollow stems and tender leaves. Also known as morning glory, it is a common ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Culinary tourism to become national strategic product

10:39 | 02/08/2023

Vietnam has planned to develop culinary tourism into a national strategic product, contributing to improving the competitiveness and brand of Vietnam's tourism.

Sticky rice a delight of Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine

10:39 | 02/08/2023

Sticky rice, lauded as the epitome of Vietnamese comfort food, has been named Hanoi's top 10 vegetarian dishes by luxury travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler.