Today: 03/06/2023 19:32:29 (GMT+7)

Mangrove worm a staple in Saigon's beloved porridge

17:40 | 26/03/2023

A 40-year-old Chinese-style porridge shop in Saigon is well-known for its unique topping: mangrove worms. The unnamed porridge shop in Tan Phu District sells porridge cooked in the style of the Teochew people, who originated in southeast China, which is served with shrimp, fish, pork intestines, and trung bien -mangrove sea worms.

Vietnamese food named among world's top best dishes

17:25 | 23/03/2023

Vietnamese dishes including bo kho (stewed beef), bo nhung dam (beef in vinegar hot pot) and bun cha (grilled pork meatballs with vermicelli noodles) have been named among the world’s 100 best meat dishes, according to readers’ votes of the TasteAtlas, the world’s most famous encyclopedia of flavors, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants.

Salted coffee: A Hue specialty

17:05 | 19/03/2023

Over the past 10 years, salted coffee has become quite popular among locals and tourists visiting Hue imperial city, as a "must-try" drink.

HCMC noodle soup shop serves one-of-a-kind red sauce

18:33 | 14/03/2023

For a crab noodle soup restaurant in HCMC, the open secrets to drawing its customers are a special chili sauce and fresh seafood toppings.

Vietnamese grilled bananas among world’s most delicious desserts

16:28 | 13/03/2023

CNN has put Vietnam’s grilled bananas on its list of best desserts in the world, calling it a “must-try.”

Neem leaves salad: A speciality of An Giang province

17:44 | 12/03/2023

Neem leaves salad, or ‘goi sau dau’ in Vietnamese, is among the most famous dishes of the Mekong Delta province of An Giang.

The Mekong Delta's grilled beef 'mountain'

19:51 | 11/03/2023

An Giang Province, which borders Cambodia in the upper Mekong Delta, has become famous for a beef dish that is more a neighborly fusion than a Vietnamese original.

A crunchy sweet and sour salad that you don't want to miss in Phan Thiet

20:06 | 09/03/2023

This sweet and sour sardine salad using crunchy white sardine fillet with vegetables, herbs, and a special sauce is a delicacy of Phan Thiet.