Today: 08/12/2022 10:37:26 (GMT+7)

Eating pho in 300°C stone bowl in Hanoi

14:48 | 06/10/2022

At a Hanoi restaurant, pho broth is served in a stone bowl heated to 300 degrees Celsius, with customers adding the noodles, beef slices and herbs to taste.

Vietnam’s tallest viaduct gets ready for traffic

18:14 | 03/10/2022

The Mong Sen viaduct on an expressway between Hanoi and Sa Pa will open to traffic this year. The viaduct will cross two hills past a hydroelectric power station and Sa Pa’s rice terraces. It is 612 meters long with five continuous spans, and 14 meters wide with four lanes. Construction started in January 2021 at a cost of VND450 billion (US$19.8 million), and is now 99% complete. 

French tourists join Hoi An cleanup after Storm Noru

14:11 | 30/09/2022

As floodwaters in Hoi An started receding Wednesday, a group of French tourists in Hoi An joined local residents to clear mud and collect garbage along An Hoi Bridge that crosses the Hoai River.

Thousands perform traditional folk dance to mark UNESCO recognition

10:32 | 26/09/2022

Over 2,000 Thai people performed their unique Xoe dance at a Saturday ceremony held in Yen Bai to receive UNESCO recognition of the art form as a world cultural heritage. The Xoe dance involves people holding hands and performing six traditional acts, including welcoming, clapping hands, waving scarves and offering wine. 

Inside the moss-laden stilt houses of Ha Giang

14:21 | 13/09/2022

The stilt houses of the Yao people in Khuoi My hamlet, Phuong Do Commune, Ha Giang Province is laden with moss, creating a unique sight that attracts tourists.

Graceful Vietnamese wooden sandals

13:42 | 12/09/2022

Like the “ao dai” (the traditional Vietnamese dress) and the “non la” (palm-leafed conical hat), “guoc moc” (wooden sandal) gave Vietnamese women a charming rustic beauty in the past. In the hope of preserving the traditional wooden sandals, a group of youngsters have worked to bring “guoc moc” closer to young people.

On a mountain stands an isolated house with hand-built stone wall

14:30 | 08/09/2022

Vu Mi Mua, 57, a Hmong man in the northern province of Ha Giang, spent two years building a stone wall for his isolated house.

Jelly mooncake

19:24 | 01/09/2022

Cakes are usually eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Now one dessert chef has put a whole new spin on this traditional dish. Watch our video to find out how she surprises people with her creations, especially children.